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czwartek, 13 stycznia 2011

my inspiration

                      I woke up. I dicovered, that people are so unpredictable! They can act for a long period of time, like your best friends, but after all you just know they were only perfect actors...

                      I'm wearing hunter boots because of extremely rainy and cold weather. They're comfortable, waterproof and fashionable! After school i went for sushi with my beautiful friend Ola. I definitely recommend you eating it after a hard day! It really works.

piątek, 17 grudnia 2010

Jon Kortajarena love

New H&M Fall Winter 2010/2011 Spot is so amazing! I love that model from spain, but i didn't expect him to act in new hm collection spot. His probably my favourite model. Do you adore him too?
Thanks everyone for visiting<3

sobota, 6 listopada 2010

Party hard

I was a photographer on my friend's party. I really enjoyed it! Here you can see some pictures of Hania, Rob and Paula, my really beautiful and beloved friends! Today I was on sushi and i'm so glad! I didn't mention that I play baseball, did I? This is rare in Poland, but I like to be oryginal! So tomorrow we play with Centaury, they play really good, so keep your finger crossed<3 I'll show you photos of the match, i promise!

niedziela, 12 września 2010

Leighton Meester love

Lately, i fell in love with Leighton Meester style! I discovered her while I was watching Gossip Girl. All actress in this tv serial are dressed gorgeus, but i found her style the best! I would describe it as elegant, classic, girly, inspired probably by Paris designers style. Just look at her, and tell me that she doesn't dress wonderful!
Tomorrow i'll show you photos of me, and i'm buying a new lomo photo camera. I'm thinking of fisheye or diana f +.
On thursday i'm going to earn my firs money, by taking photos of some politicians! It's great, isn't it?
Love ya<3

Here at Derek Lam

środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

back home/ award

Yeah, the summer is almost over. Yesterday i came from Corfu, a greek island where i was for 2 weeks. I met incredible people from different countries of the world there. Some of them was from Bulgaria, other from Germany or England, even from Poland! When i go abroad i don't really meet people from my lovelly country, because i'm quite oryginal, when it is about choosing a place for holidays. I definietly recomend you the blue bay escape resort! Especialy when you want to go there with the whole family, i mean children, cause there is a club for them. The animation team is also great so you won't be bored;)
Tomorrow i will try to show u the most interesting photos, which will describe my holidays the best, because pictures will tell u more than words;)
I got an award from GreteTe and  i'm very glad! Thank u very very much;* Because of that i have to ansere some questions;
Award#1 Rules
1. Describe where you think you'll be in ten years .
2.Pass the fun along to 10 other bloggers.
1. In ten years I'll be 25 years old, so i'll be studying. I hope that I'll be a great dressed yournalist student. The one who is the best in studying, but also in partys, making new friends etc. I hope that i'll introduce my photography and have interesting adventures. I just want to be myself:)
Award#2 Rules
1.Post the award on your blog.
2.Link the person who has given you the award.
3.Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovers.
4. Let these 15 people know that you've given them an award
Award#3 Rules
1.Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3.Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.
4. Let these blogs know that you have awered them the Versatile Blogging Award.
OK, so 7 things about myself:
1. I have a twin sister. Her name is Zosia, so it sounds funny( Tosia&Zosia)
2.I've never eat a real hamburger, seriously! In my whole life!
3.I love the feeling when the plyne is about to take of/ land!
4.I have been to the hospital so many times, but not because of myself! I was there with my unlucky twin sister!
5.I'm addicted to facebook! Maybe not addicted in a bad meaning, but i spend too much time on facebook, that's for sure!
6.I have 3 names(Antonina Maria Rita), and in one year i'll get another one, you know in church.
7.I start to panic when i don't check if the doors are closed!

If i made something wrong in this award game, let me know:)
If you are in the list, please answer to these questions:

niedziela, 27 czerwca 2010

Paradise city

This is how i went on a saturday party. I was on a shopping beforehand and i bought this t-shirt, black dress with silver items sewn on on the shoulders, from H&M, and impeccable leather shoes from Zara! They had relatively good price, cause there are sales everywhere! I love it!
Tomorrow i'm going on a windsurfing camp, by the sea. I will be there until 25.07, so i won't write anything for a month! Love yaa<3